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1 - Towards a Philosophy of Image – in this task we intend to contribute to a consistent development of a “philosophy of image”.

2 - Image and Diagrammatic Thinking – to analyze the place of “image” in three different epistemological and semiotic programs (Leibniz, Frege and Peirce).

3 - From Word Civilization to Image Civilization – to discuss the transformations of the status and functions of image in the transition from word civilization to image civilization.

4 - Philosophical Studies on Image between Art and Science – to question the very nature of image in dialogue with the philosophical tradition and some of its developments in the XX century (Bachelard and Deleuze).

5 - Historical studies on Image between Art and Science – to perform historical studies on some paradigmatic works characterized by the hybrid status of image as knowledge entities endowed with aesthetical value vs artistic objects cognitively oriented (Leonardo, Vesalius, Goethe and Darwin).

6 - The Art of Scientific Image – to study the ways through which image is used in the construction of scientific knowledge and in the communication/dissemination of science. For that purpose, we intend to study the place of image both in the scientific journal Nature and in two Portuguese publications (a scientific journal and a magazine).

7 - Drawing Science – to give rise to a systematic study of scientific illustration in Portugal.

8 - Anatomical Drawings in the collection of the Museum of Medicine – to identify, catalogue and study the unexplored collection of anatomical drawings of the Medicine Museum of the Lisbon University

9 - Drawing the Nude – to confront the scientific approach to human anatomy with the artistic drawing of the human body by studying the nude drawings collection of the Lisbon University Faculty of Arts.

10 - Neuroaesthetics – To question the range of this subject’s achievements throughout the most recent years.

11 - Crossings – to widely disseminate our work and results, namely through the organization of an exhibition and an international colloquium.





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